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2012-05-16 09:30:00
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SAP is the ERP solution of choice for large Companies and the leading product in the ERP market. To find it applied in a Company with just 20 users is unusual, perhaps unique. Not surprisingly, the adoption of SAP by NTF (India) Pvt. Ltd. is an historical move. What it nevertheless demonstrates is that an ERP system like SAP can work just as well for SME’s as for much larger Organizations.


We, NavTechnik decided to implement SAP to it’s flagship Company, namely NTF. The reason behind is that NTF was in it’s stage of infancy in the year 1990, at that time they were using in-house developed ERP system. As the time passed by the Company grew and the thought of implementing SAP seeded. When NTF had a word with some of the renowned  Global partners of SAP they were surprised to be told that they were still not in the league to implement SAP.


We sincerely believe in the proverb ‘If there is a will, there is a way’, NavTechnik was born, a team was built for SAP implementation for NTF, all this was done within a stipulated time and budgets.


This demonstrates another feature of an SME utilizing an ERP system. The size of the Company is less important than what it does and how it operates. The suitability of an ERP system may depend on this more than the size of the operation.


The stability of SAP is also a benefit regardless of size.


Why NavTechnik for SAP Implementation?



Aspects NavTechnik Other Companies
Business Process Reengineering Yes
Reason : We are a dedicated team of experienced in reformulating of business process.
Reason : They have large quantities of work that reduces their Focus on detail and design
SAP Implementation Yes
Reason : A team dedicated in SAP Implementation Projects
Reason : Due to high overheads they are busy executing new projects rather than maintaining old ones.
Right Price Vs Performance Yes
Reason : NavTechnik offers you exceptional price Vs performance. We serve you at reasonable, well-deserved margins, so you get the best value for your money.
Reason : Expensive companies have very high overheads, a part of which of course is added to your invoice. They are expensive for the quality they are offering.